New updates and improvements to Relay Platform.
We're excited to share our progress soon! Stay tuned for the upcoming updates!
Oct 20, 2023


In the latest version of the Relay platform, deployers now have the option to use a custom-tailored Dashboard directly in their workspace. The initial version of the Dashboard provides essential metrics such as the total count of key data in the deployer's workspace, daily fleet earnings, and earnings breakdown.

We have ambitious plans to expand the Dashboard and allow every deployer on Relay to customize it according to their specific needs. The upcoming versions of the Dashboard will include advanced metrics and customization features.

Relay Explorer

Large-scale deployers now have the option to use a native Relay Explorer within the Relay platform to view and discover data about DeWi devices. The initial version of Explorer supports Helium, includes an interactive map, a device details page, and a robust search feature. In future versions, Relay Explorer will be expanded to include more DeWi major projects, offering a comprehensive view of ecosystem data for the community.

Improvements & Bugs

  • Revamped Payout Report raw earnings data export
  • Introduced the ability to export Payout Report data
  • Introduced the ability to export Batch Payments data
  • Added a feature to allow admins to remove Batch Payment segments
  • Improved Add Device form and simplified the process of adding a new device
  • Fixed missing date part across all timestamps in the platform
  • Fixed copy across Payouts emails

Beta access

Relay platform is in private Beta with lots of new functionality on the way to help automate operations for large-scale deployers.

If you’re a large-scale deployer looking to transform your operations, request a demo here.

Aug 14, 2023

Batch Helium Solana Payments

In latest release, deployers can now send and process Helium Solana payments at scale directly from Relay. With the power of Solana, Helium deployers are able to execute thousands of payments in matter of minutes. Using Relay’s powerful Payouts engine, deployers can calculate commissions, create and connect corresponding transactions to users, and send payments to Solana. Our end-to-end system tracks every step and every detail in the payouts and payments flows to ensure thorough completion at every stage.

Live Helium Hotspots data

Large-scale deployers can now view live hotspot data and metrics in Relay. Our platform intakes Helium Oracles data, and serves the data for every individual hotspot on Helium. In Beta, deployers have access to next metrics: Network status, Earnings, Beacons, Witnesses.

Rewards Claiming history

Relay now tracks and stores Helium Rewards Claiming history for deployers in Wallets section. This enables deployers to keep an organized history of past claims for their business and tax record. Deployers can also export all claims in an organized report that can be used for tax reporting purposes.

Improvements & Bugs

  • Commissions can now be Activated or Deactivated
  • Commissions can now be Deactivated at a custom date
  • Add Device form is fixed and brought up to date with latest Helium network changes
  • Valid SOL wallets rejected by Relay issue was fixed
  • Users can now be deleted from the workspace
  • Hotspot daily Earnings can be reviewed by hovering over Earnings chart
  • Crypto amounts have been fixed across the platform
  • Period fields in Payouts tables were fixed

Beta access

Relay platform is in private Beta with lots of new functionality on the way to help automate operations for large-scale deployers.

If you’re a large-scale deployer looking to transform your operations, request a demo here.

Jun 26, 2023

Configurable Payouts

Organizations on Relay are now able to configure Payouts with custom settings. This set of features allow large-scale deployers in-depth control over how and when they process payouts to their users.

Initially Payouts configurations include the ability to switch between manual and automatic payouts, payouts cadence, and control of user balances. More powerful features are coming to help automate payouts for large-scale deployers.

Raw Oracle Data

Large-scale deployers are now able to export Raw Oracles Earnings data for the generated Payout Reports. The report will include all hotspots associated with commissions that were calculated inside the Payout Report.

This feature will give an ability for deployers to cross check payouts, account for total and individual earnings, and keep a copy of raw data for their personal record.

Optimizing Helium Rewards Claiming

Claiming Rewards for all Wallets

With the recent release, Deployers are now able to claim rewards for all Wallets in their Relay workspace. Once initiated, Relay will sequence all the Wallets and claim rewards for all NFTs associated with the Wallets in batches, giving large-scale organizations a simple flow to claim their pending tokens.

Displaying Claiming Progress

Admins will now see Claiming Progress when they initiate rewards claiming process. The Claiming Progress UI is available for both individual wallet claiming as well as Mass Rewards Claiming for all Wallets.

Email Claiming Report

Once all rewards are claimed, Relay will email a report for all admins in the workspace. The report will include any NFTs that had issues during the claiming process. Deployers will be able to see specific problems that caused specific NFTs to error during the claiming process.

Extensive Deployers documentation

Helping large-scale deployers start optimizing and automating their fleets with Relay as fast and as smooth as possible is our team’s top priority. The most recent release includes a massive update to Deployers section in Help Center. The new deployers documentation include step-by-step guides, helpful resources, and tips on how to best utilize Relay for deployer’s advantage.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed Date Picker issue overriding originally selected date with the date 1 day in the past from the selected date.
  • Fixed Payout Report Period field overriding originally selected date with the date 1 day in the past from the selected date.
  • Added Payout Reports tab into Users Portal.
  • Admins can now hide unused balances from Users Portal.
  • Devices now automatically associate to a user via commissions.
  • Users with no commissions are no longer included into Payout Reports.
  • NFT Pending Rewards are now fetching correct data.
  • Commissions now have Start date, End date, and status.
May 22, 2023

Mass Rewards Claiming

Large-scale deployers are now able to claim all pending Helium rewards for their wallets inside their Relay workspace. New Wallets tab allows deployers to easily connect their Helium-Solana wallets and claim rewards in just few clicks.

Platform Documentation

Our latest release includes the new Help Center with dedicated documentation and guides to support deployers in adopting the Relay platform for their fleets. Documentation already covers all Relay fundamentals. Our team is working on covering more topics and edge cases.

Simplified Payouts flows

We’ve simplified Payouts based on the feedback from our users. Now deployers can calculate, review, process, and payout in minutes. With the new update, Payouts now consist of Payout Reports and Batch Payments. Payout Reports supply calculation data to deployers, while Batch Payments provide necessary tools to process payments directly to network members.

Mobile experience

Relay platform is now fully responsive and can be easily used from any mobile browser. We’ve carefully resized our interface to allow deployers perform complex actions directly from their phones. Network members are now able to check their balances and review data all in mobile.

Apr 12, 2023

Multi-network support

Our latest release includes support for multiple networks, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different decentralized wireless networks and manage their large fleets with ease. Originally, the platform will support Helium IoT and Helium 5G networks. With this new feature, users can easily manage their deployments on multiple networks, analyze network performance, and payout. We’re working on enabling more networks in the coming months.

Helium - Solana Migration

The Relay platform now fully supports the migration of Helium network to the Solana blockchain. This migration will allow users to take advantage of Solana's high-performance blockchain network and benefit from its fast transaction speeds and low fees. Together with foundational support of Solana blockchain, we’re also releasing many exciting features made possible by this transition (read more below).

Helium 5G support

Together with Multi-network support and Helium-Solana transition, we’re adding support for Helium 5G network, enabling large-scale deployers to easily connect their fleets and take advantage of Relay’s vast lineup of management automation tools. All the great features that previously were only available for Helium IoT fleets are now available for Helium 5G fleets as well.


The new wallet feature will enable large-scale Helium deployers to access all their wallet data from a single space. Users will be able to monitor their wallets data and balances with ease. Additionally, deployers will be able to claim pending tokens in bulk for all NFTs. In the near future, we plan to release an exciting lineup of new features to deliver a tailored wallet experience for large-scale DeWi deployers.

Mass Rewards Claiming

Our most recent release will include the ability for users to claim rewards in bulk, making it easier and faster to collect rewards for multiple hotspots (NFTs on Solana). With this new feature, deployers can simply select the wallet they want to claim rewards for and our platform will automatically process the rewards for each hotspot.

Feb 16, 2023

Advanced User Commissions

Introducing a more straightforward way to process payouts - User Commissions. With User Commissions, organizations can add required commissions for a given user in one place. Any commissions added will be displayed on the targeted data level (ex., location, device, user).

And with an industry-leading Payouts engine, organizations can process payouts in various ways targeting deployments' foundational data: locations, devices, and users.

Enhanced Users Control

Admins are now able to add users without platform access by default. If an organization needs to invite a specific fleet member, they can do it via a new set of Invite controls available for every user.

Additionally, users can be tagged using the new User Tags feature. Admins can create as many tags as needed and organize their users accordingly.

Multi-source Payouts calculations

Considering the growing complexity of DeWi payouts, we’ve re-architectured Relay’s Payout engine to support multiple sources of data intake.

With the new release, organizations are no longer restricted by currency or the payment method. Payouts are calculated based on User Commissions and distributed in Payment Groups based on users’ payment methods.

The new system is designed to be soon expanded into multiple networks and process payouts of much larger complexity.

Payment Groups

With Payment Groups, organizations can process all user payments in a single flow. Relay distributes payout information into users’ accounts and group payments based on users’ preferred payment method.

In a unified UI flow, Admins can see all Payment Groups and all data associated with each group, from essential timestamps and statuses to individual transfers breakdown.

Beta Access

Relay platform is still in private Beta with lots of new functionality on the way to help automate operations for large-scale deployers.

If you’re a large-scale deployer looking to transform your operations, request a demo here.

Jan 16, 2023

Automated Payouts

Organizations are now in complete control over the payout funnel. Starting from the payout review and approval process all the way to processing the payment in bulk to all users present in the payout cycle. With automated payouts, organizations bypass user withdrawal requests. Instead, they control the entire process themselves.

Automated payouts hide user withdrawal actions from the fleet users' portals. Users within such organization won't be able to request a withdrawal from an organization. Instead, the deployer will process all withdrawals in bulk during the payout process.

Automated payouts allow for a much simpler payout processing. With full control, deployers can process all payments in a single flow without complications.

Automated Payouts functionality is one of many parts of Relay payouts engine. Deployers can select between different models and functionality sets to cover the exact use case they require.

Multi-currency Payouts

Deployers can now handle payments to their users in multiple currencies. Relay will calculate payouts for both crypto and fiat commissions and create a detailed report available in the workspace.

Relay automatically converts all positive user balances into their preferred primary balance. As soon as the organization reviews and processes the payouts (depending on the organization's configuration), Relay will create a batch payment where every user will be present with a single payment containing all their commission. This allows for a much simpler payout process, where deployers only need to pay the user once for all their fees.


Introducing Notes, an easy way to attach important information to your fleet data. Notes are available for all data sections: Users, Locations, and Devices (infrastructure).

Admins can access the Notes section within the Details pages. Open the details page, scroll to the Notes section, and create or edit your note.

Never lose any information again.

Beta access

Relay private Beta has a limited capacity, but we still accept organizations to join our app. If you're a large-scale deployers and interested in transforming your fleet operations, make sure to request a demo.

Dec 12, 2022

Beta Release

The Relay team has been working hard for the last year to bring a new, fresh, and innovative set of tools to the Decentralized Wireless space.

With a clear vision of improving the way telecom networks are built and managed, Relay has set on the journey to create a new standard for many missing, old, and outdated processes, including managing fleet data, paying for infrastructure hosting, and providing platform access to the fleet’s team, hosts, and maintainers.

The first step on this path is releasing the Beta version of the Relay platform.

Our Beta is private and only available to large-scale Helium deployers with a minimum of 100 devices in the fleet. You can request access here if you want to learn more about joining the platform.

Features in Beta


Initially, the Relay platform was available for the Relay team only. We’ve changed that. Now any decentralized wireless organization running and building telecom networks can join the Relay app after being granted access.

As an organization, you can invite admins into your workspace, add and track data for your partners, hosts, locations, and devices, process payouts with custom configurations including using different currencies (fiat or crypto), and more.

You can book a demo to learn more about the Relay platform here.


In Beta, an organization can process payouts to its partners and hosts for maintaining and hosting its infrastructure.

Payouts are configured for each organization based on their specific needs. Current configuration options include currency (fiat or crypto), cadence, and payments method (organization-controlled or user-requested).

Data management

Every organization has dedicated tabs for managing partners, hosts, locations, and device data.

Using simple forms, an organization is able to add new data to its workspace in a few clicks. Depending on the configuration, new data is immediately reflected and accounted for across the system.

With a robust set of tools, admins can manipulate and change data in various ways.

User access

All workspaces are equipped with partner and host portals.
The organization is able to invite a user into their personal, gated account. Depending on organization configurations, users are able to perform various actions from their accounts.

These are the biggest features in Beta, but there are also many smaller and handy functions within Relay.
If you’re a large deployer interested in learning more, request a demo here.