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Let our team handle your data migration onto Relay while you concentrate on the most important - building your network.
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How it works

Your fleet’s data migration made easy

Our team of dedicated network professionals will move all of your data into your new Relay workspace no matter the scale or complexity.
Step 1
Share access
We support all databases. Just simply share access to your database with, provide your requirements, and our Data Migration team will take care of the rest.
Step 2
Our team moves data
Relay’s Data Migration team will move your data in a fast and secure way. On average migration takes 3 to 7 business days*. Once your data has been moved, our team will perform 3 control data review rounds to ensure all information has been moved properly.
The timeline depends on the size of your organization. Data Migration team will produce a custom migration timeline based on your specific requirements.
Step 3
Start using Relay
Now that your organization’s data is moved, you’re ready to start automating your large wireless network. Configure your workspace, set payouts, and optimize your fleet, all in one platform.
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Features - Dashboard