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With meticulously designed features across all verticals, Relay unlocks your team's full potential. Using Relay, you can finally build and operate your fleets from a single platform.
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Our team is working on publishing Q1 and Q2 2024 roadmaps. If you're a large-scale deployer on Relay, please see updates in Relay Slack community. If you have questions about the upcoming features, feel free to reach out to our team directly .
Advanced maps
View any area in the world through the exact map you need. See the terrain, population density, existing networks, and more.
Run various types of simulations to project your network potential output. Customize to your specific objectives.
Connect with locations. Get vetted sites specific to your network. Analyze site details to make informed decisions.
Survey any location with an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly flow. Pre-configure your surveying rules. All data is automatically added to your Relay workspace.
Conversion flows
Pre-configure your own conversion flows. Send desired sites straight to check out. Locations are closed in just a few clicks.
Coming soon
Configure and visualize specific data you need in all verticals of your fleet.
Receive custom-generated reports for your fleet based on your configuration.
Mark any data entry with a tag. Create tags specific to your network.
Import / Export data
Use import functionality to get your workspace started quickly. Export data anytime you need it.
Issues detection
Relay scans your fleet data for potential issues. See all detected issues, causes, and take action.
Get notified when an issue is detected. Configure notifications with custom rules.
Configure your issues resolution protocol. Get all issues automatically documented in tickets.
Configure your payouts to the very last detail. Set cadence, define schedule, configure payout process, and more.
Payouts processing models
Choose between various processing models to maximize your organization's payment and tax efficiency.
Generate reports based on your payouts data.
Direct payments processing
Send payments to your users directly through Relay.
More currencies
Pay your users in popular fiat or crypto currencies.
Configure payments
Set custom payment rules for your organization's specific needs.
Collect payments
Have your users pay for network usage, services, etc.
Customize user experience
Configure roles, access, user portals, communications, and more. Deliver a tailored experience to your specific user base.
Communicate with your users directly through Relay.
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Coming soon
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Supported Networks

We are quickly onboarding new networks.
Here is our current progress:
Helium IoT
Helium Mobile
Traditional Wireless
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