Dec 28, 2022

Introducing the Relay Beta

Back in 2020, we had a simple and ambitious goal - to build smart cities by deploying Helium wireless infrastructure across the world. Our aim was to bring a new way of connectivity to people. 

In 2021, we deployed over 250 devices in 5 countries with 14 partners and 170 hosts. This made Relay the #14 largest, #6 most efficient, and #2 globally expanded Helium deployer of 2021. Meanwhile, our operations were entirely based on hacky spreadsheets and piles of apps.

On that journey, we learned that constructing large networks has specific challenges: 

Network Planning

  1. Area evaluation (ROI projection)
  2. Locations scouting
  3. Sites surveying
  4. Locations conversion
  5. Infrastructure deployment

Network Operations

  1. Tracking multiple networks
  2. Critical data management
  3. Infrastructure issues detection
  4. Fleet maintenance
  5. Fleet optimization


  1. Custom calculations
  2. Fiat and/or crypto payouts
  3. Processing payments on scale
  4. Handling multiple payment methods

Users Management

  1. Providing access via portal
  2. Collecting user information
  3. Tracking user record and assigned infrastructure
  4. Tracking payment record

Team Collaboration

  1. Role based data access
  2. Ticketing
  3. Generating reports
  4. Custom notifications
  5. Tracking issues lifecycle 

…these are only a few challenging areas that all large operators have to deal with on a daily basis.

The traditional telecom industry has suffered the same issues. Companies had only 2 ways to operate networks. You either use spreadsheets with 3rd party tools or build internal software. Pick your poison. Now, these same challenges have come to decentralized deployers.

This is why we're excited to announce the launch of the Relay Beta

Relay provides an efficient way for deployers to manage their day-to-day operations. Track fleets, process payouts, manage users, and collaborate with a team - all from one app.

The platform is equipped with enterprise-tailored analytics allowing operators to make informed decisions.

Advanced payouts enable operators to pay hosts. No matter the complexity of the fleet, our goal is to have Relay serve all use cases.

Every deployer on Relay gets their own branded portal. Customization and communications provide a tailored experience to deployers and their users.

With Relay, operators can finally build and manage networks from one place. These features are only the beginning. We're working to bring the most innovative solutions to deployers across all networks.

Relay is currently in private Beta, available for large-scale Helium deployers. The Beta version is completely free to join. If you're interested, request a demo here.

Build, maintain and operate your network. All in one platform.