Oct 31, 2023

Introducing the Relay Explorer

The decentralized wireless industry is growing at an unprecedented speed. Traditional wireless service providers are increasingly joining the movement and implementing decentralized networks on platforms like Helium, XNET, and other protocols.

The Relay platform grows strong alongside the industry. In December 2022, we launched Relay Beta - an all-in-one platform for large-scale deployers to build, manage, operate, and scale decentralized wireless networks. Since the Beta launch, the platform has become an essential tool for managing day-to-day operations for many large DeWi WISPs. As of October 2023, Relay serves over 30,000+ Helium gateways, and this number only continues to grow.

With more and more traditional WISPs entering DeWi, we’re excited to introduce the Relay Explorer - an enterprise-tailored platform to discover and browse decentralized wireless networks.

Discover DeWi with Relay Explorer

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The Explorer for large-scale deployers

Relay Explorer was specifically developed to cater to the needs of large-scale operators. The primary objective of the platform is to offer a unique and tailored experience for enterprise users as they navigate through intricate and multifaceted decentralized wireless environments. By leveraging the advanced capabilities and intuitive interface of Relay Explorer, enterprise users can effortlessly explore and understand the complexities of decentralized wireless landscapes, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their operations effectively.

The Alpha version of the Explorer includes an interactive map for users to explore and navigate the network. It also features a detailed Gateway Details page, which provides comprehensive information about encountered gateways. This page not only displays basic gateway information, but also presents advanced metrics like gateway status, earnings, activity, and other relevant details. By offering these insights, the Alpha version of the Explorer empowers organizations to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the gateways they encounter during their exploration journey.

The Relay Explorer is freely accessible to the public. No account or login is required to use the Explorer and access its information.

Discover DeWi with Relay Explorer

Open Relay Explorer

Helium: The first network on Relay Explorer

In the Alpha version, Relay Explorer covers the largest DeWi network, Helium.

Helium is a decentralized wireless protocol that is powered by people, building IoT and 5G wireless networks. With Helium, anyone can deploy affordable infrastructure and offset costs through recurring earnings from network contributions, also known as mining rewards. Helium is currently the largest DeWi network in the world, with over 950,000+ devices.

We're excited to work alongside incredible Helium team and help enhance an amazing Helium community with enterprise-grade Explorer:

“Relay is geared towards large-scale deployers and enterprises. The Relay Explorer is a fantastic addition, showcasing the strength of our ecosystem in building robust tools for the community."

- Joey Hiller, Sr. Technical Director, Helium Foundation.

With Helium expanding and DeWi as a whole growing, our goal is to expand Explorer to include more networks and encompass all enterprise-oriented DeWi protocols such as XNET, Karrier One, and others.

Discover DeWi with Relay Explorer

Open Relay Explorer

The Master plan

The launch of the Explorer is an incredibly significant milestone for the Relay platform. It represents a major step forward in our mission to create a unified platform that enables large-scale deployers to effortlessly manage their wireless fleets. More big features and incredible improvements are on their way. Join us on our mission to connect all humans to high speed internet through acceleration of large-scale deployers.

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