Apr 12, 2023

Unpacking Helium-Solana Migration: Relay's Solutions for Large-Scale Deployers

The upcoming Helium-Solana migration is a major milestone for the world of decentralized wireless networks. This significant shift will combine the Helium network with the efficient Solana blockchain, paving the way for a new era of wireless connectivity. Large-scale deployers need to be prepared for the changes that this migration will bring to the network infrastructure.

Relay, as an active participant in the Helium community, has been working alongside large-scale deployers and the Helium Foundation to support a smooth transition during this important phase. Our aim is to facilitate community involvement and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved in the migration process.

With a seat on the Helium-Solana Migration Readiness Committee, Relay has been actively contributing to the development of strategies that will help the Helium community efficiently move through the migration process. Our knowledge of large-scale deployments and strong connections within the community enable us to play a valuable role in this transition.

In this blog post, we will explore the practical solutions Relay has created to help large-scale deployers during the Helium-Solana migration. We will also highlight our ongoing commitment to the success and growth of the Helium ecosystem as a whole.

Harnessing the Power of Solana for Enhanced Helium Network Performance

The Helium-Solana migration is a transformative event that will help unlock the full potential of Helium, bringing forward numerous benefits for large-scale deployers. Solana's high-speed and cost-effective blockchain will significantly improve the overall performance and scalability of the Helium network. We’re tapping into these enhancements from day 1 to deliver an unparalleled experience for large-scale deployers, ensuring they can fully capitalize on the advantages offered by the combined ecosystem.

Multi-Network Support for Enhanced Fleet Management

One of the key features we have introduced in our latest release is multi-network support, designed to provide large-scale deployers with an efficient way to manage their fleets across different decentralized wireless networks. Initially, our platform will support both the Helium IoT and Helium 5G networks, enabling users to seamlessly switch between the two and manage their deployments with ease.

This powerful feature offers a unified solution for monitoring network performance, managing payouts, and optimizing fleet operations on multiple networks. By simplifying the management process, Relay empowers large-scale deployers to focus on strategic growth and maximize the benefits offered by the Helium-Solana migration. As we move forward, we are committed to expanding the range of networks supported by our platform, further enhancing the versatility and scalability of our multi-network management solution.

Helium-Solana Migration and Helium 5G Support

Relay's latest release has been designed to fully embrace the Helium network's migration to the Solana blockchain. This transition will enable users to leverage Solana's high-performance blockchain network, benefiting from faster transaction speeds and lower fees. In addition to providing foundational support for the Solana blockchain, we have introduced several exciting features that capitalize on the possibilities brought by this migration.

Simultaneously, we have extended our support to include the Helium 5G network, in line with our multi-network support initiative. This new feature empowers large-scale deployers to effortlessly connect their Helium 5G network fleets to their Relay workspace, taking advantage of Relay's comprehensive suite of management automation tools. With this enhancement, all the powerful features previously exclusive to Helium IoT fleets are now available for Helium 5G fleets as well, ensuring a seamless experience for deployers across both networks.

Wallet Integration and Mass Rewards Claiming: Streamlining Financial Operations

Relay's newest update features a comprehensive wallet integration, designed to provide large-scale Helium deployers with a centralized space to access and monitor their wallet data and balances with ease. This feature simplifies the process of claiming pending tokens in bulk for all NFTs, ensuring a more efficient financial management experience. We are also working on an array of upcoming features tailored specifically to the needs of large-scale DeWi deployers, further enhancing the wallet experience.

In addition to the wallet integration, our latest release includes a mass rewards claiming feature that allows users to easily claim rewards for multiple hotspots (NFTs on Solana) in bulk. Deployers can now simply select the wallet they wish to claim rewards for, and our platform will automatically process the rewards for each hotspot. This new functionality streamlines the process of collecting rewards, saving time and effort for large-scale deployers.

A Continued Commitment to Innovating and Empowering Large-Scale DeWi Deployers

As the Helium-Solana migration unfolds, Relay remains steadfast in our commitment to enhancing the platform and delivering state-of-the-art automation tools to large-scale DeWi deployers. Our team is tirelessly exploring new ways to leverage the power of Solana and create innovative solutions that will improve the experience of managing decentralized wireless networks.

We understand that the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless connectivity demands agile and forward-thinking solutions, and we strive to stay at the forefront of these developments. By continuously refining our platform and collaborating with our users, we aim to empower large-scale deployers to fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Helium-Solana ecosystem.

If you are interested in experiencing the power of the Relay platform firsthand, we invite you to request a demo and discover how our cutting-edge features can revolutionize your large-scale deployment strategy.

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