Oct 18, 2023

Shaping next DePIN generation: Relay unites with Mycelium to help optimize new projects

The landscape of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) is evolving rapidly, with global deployment exceeding hundreds of thousands of devices. Various industries, including telecommunications, transportation, and logistics, are enthusiastically embracing this trend. However, despite the abundance of innovative ideas and funding, the industry faces tangible challenges. One such challenge is the requirement for real-world testing environments for these networks.

Relay, with its all-in-one platform, has played a crucial role in enabling large-scale deployments in both decentralized and traditional wireless domains. To address the need for real-world testing, Relay is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Mycelium Networks, a leading DePIN operator.

As a comprehensive platform, Relay empowers large-scale deployers to build, manage, and scale wireless networks seamlessly. It currently assists numerous deployers in managing over 30,000+ infrastructure units. While Relay's software platform offers multiple facets of support for wireless deployers, the partnership with Mycelium introduces a pivotal component — real-world infrastructure testing. This union of infrastructure management and DePIN Testbed will help to simplify and accelerate the buildout and testing of decentralized infrastructure for the growing DePIN networks.

Mycelium Testbed: A Launchpad for Emerging DePIN Networks

Mycelium Testbed has strategically deployed over 400 Helium nodes in Northwest Arkansas. This extensive coverage creates an optimum setting for teams to roll out and scrutinize their innovations. With such a vast network of nodes, Mycelium Testbed offers unparalleled opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs, and developers to test and refine their cutting-edge technologies. By having a wide range of nodes spread throughout Northwest Arkansas, Mycelium Testbed ensures that innovators can access the network easily and efficiently, enabling them to gather valuable data and insights. This collaborative ecosystem fosters innovation and accelerates the development of groundbreaking solutions that can revolutionize industries.

Beyond being just a playground, Mycelium plays a pivotal role in helping nascent teams refine and implement their distinct deployment plans. From managing to maintaining DePIN installations in the Testbed, they ensure every detail is attended to. The expansive Testbed welcomes an array of decentralized infrastructure hardware — be it DeWi devices, data collection tools, or even climate monitoring and mapping technologies.

Relay x Mycelium: Forging the Future of DePIN Networks

Since the launch of Relay's Beta in January 2023, it has garnered significant attention. Renowned large-scale DeWi deployers, such as LongFi Solutions, Hexagon Wireless, and Emrit, have integrated Relay into their operational dynamics. The Mycelium partnership elevates this experience, offering deployers the unique advantage of conducting real-world field tests for any DePIN infrastructure.

Deployers experimenting within the Mycelium Testbed can now harness Relay's platform, capitalizing on its potent capabilities for operation automation and optimization.

Navigating Real-World Decentralized Infrastructure Challenges

Embarking on new projects, especially for large-scale deployers, is replete with hurdles. The Relay platform stands as a beacon, enabling deployers to sidestep tedious manual processes, offering automation and optimization in day-to-day operations. On the flip side, networks can confidently delegate their hardware testing to Mycelium Testbed. This allows them to laser-focus on honing their core technologies, while Mycelium ensures the infrastructure aligns with the highest standards. The synergy between Relay and Mycelium offers projects and deployers a tangible realm to vet the performance and reliability of their networks—ensuring they're primed for mainstream deployment.

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