Emrit transforms operations for the largest Helium network with Relay

Emrit team deprecated internal custom software, and migrated their huge Helium network to Relay, where they optimized and automated their network operations.
Saves $100,000+/yr in costs
By running on Relay
Deprecated custom internal software
In favor of Relay platform
Migrated thousands of Helium devices
To automate and manage with Relay

About Emrit

Emrit is revolutionizing the way people access and utilize the Helium network for cryptocurrency mining and IoT services. They simplify Helium mining by providing anyone with an ability to deploy Helium device on their location, making it easy for anyone to earn cryptocurrency while contributing to a decentralized network. Emrit also emphasizes environmental monitoring through innovative technology.

Optimizing data management for largest Helium network with Relay


Emrit's expanding Helium network includes thousands of Helium devices, creating a complex challenge in data management. Handling such a vast amount of data required a solution that could bring efficiency and accuracy to their operations. 

Previously, the team has developed an internal software platform, allowing Emrit admins as well as Emrit hosts to update data. To keep the internal platform operational, Emrit had to build an in-house engineering team, and keep up with latest Helium updates. When Helium migrated from layer 1 blockchain to Solana, it completely disrupted the entire Emrit system. Luckily, Relay was there to support Emrit’s transition.


Relay provided a powerful centralized data management system. The platform streamlined the process of organizing and accessing information from thousands of devices, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Simultaneously, Relay platform enabled the Emrit team to keep multi-user data access, by allowing for both Emrit admins to update data via workspace, and Emrit hosts to update their data from dedicated Relay host portal.

“Transitioning our entire system to operate on a new platform posed substantial challenges, both technically and financially. Aligning with Relay proved to be a strategic decision that not only alleviated the complexities of a demanding R&D process but surpassed our expectations in delivering a seamless transition. The Relay team’s steadfast commitment and tireless efforts have been instrumental in providing our hosts with an interface that not only maintains their accustomed standards but exceeds them.

Relay has proven to be more than a solution provider; they have been a collaborative partner every step of the way. Their expertise in system configurations, coupled with a commitment to quality, has significantly mitigated the impact of this transition on our operations. Working with Relay has not only met our needs but elevated the user experience for our entire network of fleets.

Having Relay in our corner has been a game-changer, and we appreciate their dedication to excellence. This partnership has not only met our expectations but has set a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and innovation in our industry. We look forward to continued success together.”

Brice Marcellus
General Network Manager, Emrit

Automating thousands of monthly payouts to hosts with Relay


With a network of thousands of hosts, processing monthly payouts was a formidable task for Emrit. Ensuring timely and accurate payments to such a large number of hosts was crucial for maintaining trust and satisfaction.

On the other hand, prior to Relay, there was no way to process thousands of Helium Solana payments fast, in-bulk, forcing teams like Emrit to sequence payments and sign 1-by-1. Such process will generally take hours to complete.


The automated payouts and payments feature of Relay was a game-changer. It ensured that each host received their due compensation promptly and accurately, fostering a strong relationship between Emrit and its extensive network of hosts.

With Relay innovative bulk Solana payments, Emrit team is now able to process thousands of Helium Solana payments in a matter of minutes with just a single signature.

Unlocking access to Helium earnings across hundreds of Solana wallets with Relay 


Typically, large-scale decentralized wireless deployers prefer to diversify risks managing their blockchain infrastructure with multiple wallets. In the case of Emrit, managing thousands of Helium devices created hundreds of wallets that needed to be managed.

Managing Helium earnings across hundreds of Solana wallets was a huge pain. It required the Emrit team to manually open every single wallet to see data and claim Helium earnings, which created days of work.


Relay's automated wallet management and Helium Solana bulk tools simplified this intricate process. The platform provided a seamless way to manage earnings, ensuring that all transactions were handled efficiently and without error. The “Claim all earnings” feature now powers every Emrit’s Helium earnings claim, allowing admins to claim all Helium earnings with just 1 click of a button.

Looking ahead

The integration of Relay's platform into Emrit's operations has marked a turning point in how they manage their vast network. This strategic move has streamlined their processes, improved accuracy, and significantly saved time, propelling Emrit towards greater success in the decentralized network and cryptocurrency mining industry.

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