LongFi Solutions transforms wireless network operations with Relay

US based decentralized wireless Internet Service Provider upgrades from outdated tools and optimizes all network operations in Relay.
500+ units fully migrated & optimized
With Relay unified data management system
50 hrs/month saved
By operating entire network from a single platform
Host Payouts & Payments automated
With intuitive & fast Relay processing flows

About LongFi

LongFi Solutions, established in 2019, has been at the forefront of decentralized wireless networks, focusing on bringing better connectivity to areas that lack it. By integrating blockchain technology into their operations, they've been able to build strong partnerships across various sectors, demonstrating a commitment to innovative technology and making a positive impact on communities.

Streamlining Wireless Network Data Management with Relay 


LongFi Solutions initially developed ad hoc internal tools to manage their existing Helium network. However, the blockchain migration from Helium to Solana rendered these tools obsolete, leading to delays and potential inaccuracies in operations. LongFi also began deploying hardware for additional projects, which led it to seek out a platform to manage all of its network operations in one place.


The solution came with Relay's Network Management System, which provided a centralized, streamlined way to manage their network data for users, locations, devices, commissions, and more. Relay made it easy for LongFi Solutions to organize and access information, reducing errors and saving valuable time. With automatic Relay Logs, LongFi now can always trace back every change in data, and fix information if necessary.

"Relay platform not only assisted us in managing payments post Helium Solana migration but also streamlined our entire network management process. Helpful features from centralized data management to efficient payout configurations, have been instrumental in saving us invaluable time and eliminating countless headaches."

Josh Heller
Co-founder / CEO, LongFi Solutions

Automating Host Payouts & Payments with Relay


Another major issue was the manual process of paying over 500 hosts every month. This task was not only time-consuming but also susceptible to mistakes, which could lead to dissatisfaction among hosts. Additionally, Helium network has just migrated from its own layer 1 blockchain to Solana, disrupting all previously built payouts & payments tools, and leaving teams like LongFi in the dark.


Relay's platform offered automated Payouts and Payments features, simplifying the process of making monthly payments to LongFi hosts. This feature allowed payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency, offering flexibility and reducing the time spent on manual processing. 

With an all-connected Relay system, LongFi team can now easily trace back every single payment transaction to the user, as well as understand how it was calculated based on connected Helium device earnings.

"Relay Wireless is the ideal fleet management solution for enterprise deployers. Initially, it addressed our immediate requirements for automated payment management, and it has quickly expanded to incorporate additional features such as performance metrics and accounting tools. We are excited to continue our collaboration with the team as they expand the platform and deliver even more value to enterprise deployers."

Andrew Warshauer
Co-founder / COO, LongFi Solutions

Looking ahead

By adopting Relay, LongFi Solutions experienced a dramatic optimization shift in their operational efficiency. This change not only saved them time and reduced errors but also set them up for continued growth and success. The case of LongFi Solutions is a testament to how the right technological tools can transform the operations of a growing company in the telecommunications sector.

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