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Our vision of building a mission control platform for large-scale telecom deployers is backed by the leading minds in the Physical Infrastructure Networks industry. Both traditional and decentralized.
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Our Advisors

Graham Castelon
Author of, Owner at, 15+ years building telecom networks, telecom educator, influencer, and innovator.
Andrew Fisher
CEO of Noble Networks, CEO of SolSplits, DePIN deployment expert and community leader, technologist, innovator.
Russell From
Business Development and Partnerships Strategist at Hexagon Wireless, Cybersecurity and telecom deployment veteran.
Sierra Catalina
Founder of just the TIPIN, innovator, DePIN community leader, ex Hotspotty Director of Business Development, ex Pollen Mobile Director of Marketing.
Jose Marcelino
Solutions Architect at RAKwireless, Founder of Metavurt Ltd, Wireless builder expert, DePIN community leader.
Abby Vaidyanathan
Senior Legal Counsel at Near Foundation. Co-founder and VP of Operations at Hexagon Wireless. DePIN legal expert.
Morgan Diesen
TradWi and DeWi Network deployment specialist. Deployment specialist at Hexagon Wireless. Physical telecom infrastructure expert.
Max Gold
DePIN entrepreneur and enthusiast. Founder of Hotspot Rescue and Gold Hawks & Assoc. DeWi advocate.
Josh Heller
Co-founder and CEO at LongFi Solutions - leading Decentralized Wireless Internet Service Provider.
Andrew Warshauer
Co-founder and COO at LongFi Solutions - leading Decentralized Wireless Internet Service Provider.
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